Biomorphic Retail Design

Another exemplar of green architecture has commenced in China last month. The Haitang Bay International Shopping Centre will become one of the world’s largest tax-free shopping experiences in a hi-tech, low-fi environment.

As China is one of the fastest growing economies they have the benefit of utilising the latest technologies when it comes to design and build, as such French practice, Valode et Pistre Architecture (VP Architectes) won an international competition to create this retail oasis covering some 125,00m2.

Based on the form of the Haitang Bay flower (not unlike Grant Associates Gardens by the Bay in Singapore  inspired by the orchid, their national flower), the organic, undulating glass structures will be double-skinned to maximise natural daylight which is further utilised by the inclusion of an atrium. Thus energy consumption should be reduced and inner ventilation increased by the interior garden.