The World’s Largest Vertical Garden

Milan now holds the title of the residence of the world’s largest vertical garden on a shopping centre at Rozzano, just outside of the city, as reported by Architecture Source . Created at a cost of a cool one million Euros it spans some 1,263m2 and consists of 44,000 plants which were pre-grown in blocks for a year and took some 90 days to assemble on site.

It offers the building an interior temperature control, providing both insulation and protection from direct sunlight, and also purifies the surrounding air, offers noise reduction as well as providing a glorious vista for visitors. Undoubtedly there must be a robust irrigation system and maintenance programme, but as the designs are becoming more and more ambitious this must be proof that these passive energy saving designs are working. There is no doubt that vertical gardens and roof gardens will be incorporated more readily into our urban framework as the benefits become more tangible.


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