Sugar and Trees and all things Mulch

Despite two of the speakers dropping out at the last minute, the Palmstead team manged to pull off another great day for our industry at their annual workshop.

With interesting stall holders including Vectorworks, The Association of Professional Landscapers, Melcourt and The Society of Garden Designers to name a few there was not a moment to be wasted.

This particular post will be dedicated to the first speaker of the day, Glynn Percival from Bartlett Tree Care who educated us on the benefits of sugaring our planting schemes. Basically from the very cheap addition of 30-40g of sugar per litre of water immense root stimulation is achieved which of course means stronger plants. Furthermore, a sugared watering regime can also be used to save trees which may have been sabotaged with herbicides as was seen in the Treaty Oak case in Austin, Texas, thus sugar water injected straight into the trunk becomes a life support for the tree allowing it to recover. The benefits of sugar are further demonstrated in recent trials being conducted on single species mulch. With no mulch added only 1 in 10 beech will survive, whereas with the addition of either hawthorn or cherry mulch, the average survival rate increases to 6 in 10. Obviously any much aids with water retention and weed suppression, but the added benefit of these mulches was due to the higher level of sugars in the species, which is especially prevalent if the mulch is freshly chipped.

Interestingly they have recently discovered that by the application of Eucalyptus mulch the Phytophthora algae can be suppressed, probably due to it’s highly antiseptic properties.


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