Green Corridor for Rotterdam

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As landscape architects we’ve been preoccupied by the concept of green corridors and how to create them across our urban fabric. London is desperately trying to re-engage with nature in The Landscape Institute’s design competition for it’s very own High Line, and now The Netherlands are keen to revitalise Rotterdam with a strategy for urban biodiversity as devised by landscape architecture practice, Openfabric.

By utilising the existing 634km of transport network made up of trams, metro, rail and bus routes a green highway can be easily superimposed via such simple additions as more planting, green roofs to bus stops, bat and bird nesting and foraging areas incorporated into new station or shelter design.

It is a beautifully simple and effective way to encourage wildlife back to our cities and maybe even encourage more public transport users as they share their commute with a chance sighting of an endangered species. Hopefully this will get the green light sooner rather than later.