What the Frack!

Image courtesy of http://www.inhabitat.com

We’re all well aware by now that the end of the world is nigh (well, maybe) and folks seem to be taking their places for the big showdown. Short-sighted governments and corporations would rather make a quick buck than seriously invest in alternative, sustainable energy solutions such as was  posited by Nikola Tesla a hundred odd years ago.

Artists Against Fracking uses celebrities to highlight the dangers of this particular method of gas extrusion from shale which often contaminates water tables. Taking up the mantle where his dad left off, Sean Lennon along with Yoko Ono held a press conference in New York last week to announce the launch of this high profile pressure group in an attempt to disuade NY State Governor Cuomo from pursuing this. They were also joined by film director, Josh Fox, whose film Gasland exposes the misinformation campaign by energy companies to continue with their plans who have apparently already spent over $250 million on lobbying.

Water is now officially more expensive than oil, so we have to ask ourselves, what is to be gained by potentially contaminating our water supply?