Manhattan’s Low Line Gathers Momentum

New York’s Lower East Side may soon be home to The Low Line  – yes you guessed it and underground version of The highly successful High Line and a great way to utilise disused rail tracks. Sitting beneath Delancey Street & Essex Street subways there’s approximately 2 acres of abandoned trolley terminal that has not been used for the past 60 years and has the potential to become a public park in a much needed, overcrowded, downtown zone.

James Ramsey and Dan Barasch collectively known as the Delancey Underground have been pushing this amazing idea for the past eight months and as more and more people get to hear about it, following the success of their Kickstarter Campaign it becomes more and more likely to actually happen.

With the aid of solar irrigation technology it would provide a sheltered, green, public space all year round offering education, retail and cultural outlets to the local community; and what’s more, it would become another iconic landmark for the city which could be taken as a blueprint for any other metropolis and rolled out across the globe.

Another ground breaking opportunity for designers, engineers and landscape architects to help create the planet of the future by considering our subterranean realms.