UK Disincentives Onshore Wind Farms

The Liberal Democrats had a small but significant victory over the Tories this week in getting them to retract their proposals to slash the funding for onshore windfarms. The Treasury, originally planned a 25% decrease in the £400 million per year of state subsides, yet,  in the face on increasing opposition, Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary, Ed Davey announced that the cuts would be just 10%, whilst nothing will change until March 2014. 

No doubt influenced by The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England who view the 320 onshore wind farms as an eyesore, one wonders exactly how David Cameron will achieve his pledge to create the ‘greenest government ever.’ However, Director of the Renewable Energy Foundation, John Constable sees the move as a positive one as it will encourage the sustainable energy industry to stand on its own two feet and prove it’s a viable alternative from a fiscal perspective as well as an environmental one.