Is the Freak Weather a Sign of The End Times?

As we trundle towards our inevitable oblivion at the end of the Mayan Calendar on 21st December 2012, could the global freak weather conditions be heralding our demise?

Britain was suffering from the wettest summer ever, although we’ve been given a reprise for the imminent Olympics, whilst the US has been hit with unprecedented heat waves for some time. The Examiner recently reported on the worst natural US disaster in history as over 1000 counties across 26 states  mainly in the south and mid-West are drought-stricken. This equates to over half of the country and is already having a serious impact upon the farming communities which will in turn, of course continue to drastically increase food prices which have gone up by 8% just in the first quarter.

Is this climate change indicative of man’s over-dependence on industrialisation or is it a cyclical event of planet Earth regardless of our actions? Obviously looking at sustainable solutions to energy production and more efficient farming methods will assist in supporting our growing population, but you can’t help feeling that maybe it’s all happened before and there’s very little we can do.For those of us working in the landscape architecture industry we have to be more mindful of our design strategy especially when it comes to plant and tree choices; also SUDS is now an absolute necessity to ensure town flooding doesn’t occur.