Interventions in the Land or Sea Scape

As a landscape architecture student at the University of Greenwich we were encouraged to take an off the wall arts module entitled ‘Art and Context’ which was primarily an intervention in the landscape. Regrettably I turned down the opportunity to spend a wet week in autumnal Wales and so missed out on this life affirming exercise, however, on looking at Evewright’s wonderful interventions I feel inspired as to the possibilities nature affords us with just a little imagination.

Everton Wright has been creating his Walking Drawings for a few years now, collaborating with the local people in creating large scale temporary works of art etched into our beaches. These are then filmed or photographed for prosperity.Again, it’s one of those fantastically simple and free, ideas that makes you think, why didn’t I think of that . . . . . like all the best ones, I suppose!Keep an eye out for a brigade of one colour waterproof clad ramblers making human doodles at dawn on a beach near you.