Get More From Your Water

OK, so we’re advised to drink 8 cups or glasses of water a day, and I’m sure that size does matter! Apparently two when waking jump starts your internal organs and one before bedtime helps to detoxify whilst sleeping, added to one 30 minutes before every meal to assist in digestion, but what if you could actually get more from the water itself, like you were drinking the miracle promoting waters of Lourdes or the equivalent. Well, a little known fact is that we can create a similar water which is highly antioxidant and helps to rehydrate 2.5 x more than normal water. This amazing discovery first unearthed by Nobel prize-winning scientist Dr. Henri Coanda was named Hunza Water after the remote region in the Himalayas where locals are purported to live unexpectedly long lives. From studying their diet and environment along with four other regions renowned for their centenarians, including Germany’s Baden-Baden and Villacabamba in Ecuador,  he came to the conclusion that it was something in the water that was promoting these health benefits.

Teaming up with Dr. Patrick Flanagan they discovered that this ‘glacial milk’ as it is sometimes referred to contains a special form of silica in micro-clusters which lower the surface tension of the water thus removing toxins by trapping them in a tiny cage to be safely eliminated by your body. But, more importantly, what this means is that the water itself is more readily absorbed into our cells and hence we can absorb nutrients more efficiently which is an essential component to good health and anti-ageing.Modern diets and lifestyles mean that most of us are dehydrated on a molecular level due to all the alcohol, caffeine, pollution, smoking etc. we imbibe in an attempt to feel better. Perhaps this M-Water or Hunza Water is a way of regaining control of our most vital element and hence our own bodies and destiny. Whilst you can purchase devices to create this or Crystal Water directly from Flanagan’s website, you can make your own Hunza Water by dissolving natural pink Himalayan rock crystals into drinking water. As well as benefiting you, it will obviously benefit your garden and works on a homoeopathic level, requiring a teaspoon of the mixture to be added to purified water best taken first thing in the morning.