Ireland’s Fairie Towers – Ancient Antenna to assist Modern Farming?

Whilst I was aware of Ireland’s rich, mystical past which can be seen in their standing stones, dolmen and alike, I did not realise the ancient foundations of the round monks towers, also known as fairy or fairie towers.

Most have been destroyed through time, and luckily some have been rebuilt, which has gone some way to confuse historians and archaeologists as to their true age, but original structures are thought to date back to approximately 4000 BC.Built up to 100 feet high and previously thought to be look-out posts or hiding places from Viking invaders, these theories have been dismissed largely because of weak foundations, only 18″ deep, the base being filled with aggregate and the door positioned some 9-15 feet above ground level. Instead, the work of Professor Callahan in his book, Ancient Mysteries, Modern Visions suggests that it is more likely they were constructed as a kind of antenna to link in with the earth’s electro-magnetic field and hence charge the surrounding area. The 9-15 feet marker is the point at which the field is strongest and would probably have been where monks could have sat and prayed or meditated. The towers are all constructed from stone with paramagnetic properties thus amplifying resonant energies.Furthermore, the location of the 65 remaining towers can be mapped exactly to star systems, rather like the Egyptian pyramids which would imply a greater understanding of the earth and its place in the cosmos.As a landscape architect, what has particularly fascinated me are the claims by local farmers that the soil around these structures is far richer than surrounding soil, and hence provides better crops.  It seems like a very subtle version of playing classical music to plants with great effect.Maybe if we could learn from our arcane knowledge of the past we could help to create a more sustainable future.