Good News for the Gluten Intolerant

As the agriculture industry falls over itself in the mass production of industrialised crops, an alternative is being posited by going back to our roots and investigating what we used to eat.

In a simpler age of less diabetes, allergies and obesity what was different about our diets? One of the main differences points to today’s over-reliance on over-refined wheat. The Heritage Grain Conservancy based in the US are currently doing tests to establish gluten sensitivity with these ancient grains. Despite the fact that the Mother of all Grains, wild wheat,  which can be traced back to pre-Biblical times and can still be found in the Fertile Crescent, some 90% of the wheat eaten in Israel, Palestine and Jordan is imported from the US.As more and more of us are avoiding junk foods for health reasons it seems inevitable that micro farming will increase as we are forced to regain control of our diets, with an ever-increasing emphasis on growing our ancient varieties, heirloom seeds. These are now readily available from specialists such as The Real Seed Catalogue in the UK or The Seed Savers Exchange in the US. With the help of artisan bakers we can eat healthy and tasty once again.