How Landscape Architecture can Survive the Recession

As we all know these are difficult times indeed, and possibly set to worsen before a booming economy returns. But it’s not all doom and gloom, at least not for recently graduated landscape architects; and that’s thanks to Landscape People and their Campaign to Save British Landscape Architecture. This UK based recruitment company is trying to engage employers with potential employees via a free two week work placement. Rather like the old internships, companies are being asked to offer experience to fresh faced graduates who would otherwise find it difficult to gain any commercial knowledge of how a practice works, how to deal with clients, and generally what to expect in the professional world. The hope is that then, the employee gains experience and maybe even gets offered a job, even if its only on a freelance basis. Whilst I wish all graduates the best of luck in finding permanent, well paid work, this may be a stepping stone if you can afford to do it, or more to the point can you afford not to.

Photo “A Tree in Winter” by Photographer Stephen Trainor