Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay Opening This Week!

Grant Associates as ‘A fusion of nature and technology’,  phase one of the much anticipated development opens to the public on 29th June 2012. The down-town business district of Singapore has been successfully transformed into a beautiful and thought-provoking international destination. It’s been a long journey from their winning entry announced in September 2006 to today. Selected from over 75 global applicants, the brief from The National Parks Board of Singapore was to create one of the most amazing tropical gardens in the world, and the best in Singapore which has been achieved for a cool $1 billion Singapore dollars or £504 million. Their iconic centre piece, the Supertrees, are amazing vertical gardens suspended with aerial walkways which will become an enchanting other-worldly place at night when illuminated. Home to the largest man-made waterfall at 30m high the cooled conservatories are their answer to the Eden Projects biomes, housing plant species from every continent bar Antarctica. Showcasing environmental technologies, not only does this new landscape amaze but it inspires, too and sets the benchmark that bit higher for our profession. Proof that you should dare to dream, as sometimes (with enough funding) they can become reality!