Food for 9 Billion

As a landscape architect I take a particular professional interest in all matters pertaining to our environment and feel a sense of obligation to share whatever I come across that reflects  this.

As we now have over 7 billion earth inhabitants, and are hurtling our way to 9 billion by the year 2050, it’s high time we devise solutions to the increasing populations demands. That’s what The Centre for Investigative Reporting has done with their fantastic website which devotes a year to studying how the global population can remedy this. Their latest report highlights the plight of ageing Japanese farmers, many of whose families have gone abroad, or at least to the city to seek their fortune, leaving the future of farms looking exceedingly bleak.

Without government subsidies and high tax levies on foreign imports they could not afford to continue. With less than 12% of a usable agricultural land mass, they are right to have concerns about their  self-sufficiency. They already import over 60% of its food, and quite rightly fear dependence on the global marketplace.Farming connects people to the landscape and without this more and more will be driven from their rural idyll into a micro metropolitan lifestyle devoid of any ecology or nature let alone locally grown produce.

Illustration: Cause Celeb by Paul Baines