Germany’s Wind Farm Plans

Friday 15th June was Global Wind Day, started in Europe in 2007 which then went global in 2009, some 40 countries are now involved in promoting wind energy. Wind turbines are becoming a more frequent sight across the globe, but especially so in Europe, as an estimated fifth of our energy is due to come via offshore windfarms by 2030 as reported by the European Wind Energy Association.Following my post on Germany’s successful solar power generation, I thought I’d take a closer look at their propensity for renewable energy resources.As a response to the terrible Fukushima disaster, Angela Merkel closed eight of Germany’s seventeen nuclear reactors and plans to phase out the remainder by 2022. Energy will instead be supplied largely by nature. They have plans to construct four electricity Autobahns linking Wind Farms off the north coast to manufacturing centres in the south.Estimated at a cost of 20 billion euros over the next decade it will stretch the political and planning autocracy, but with some co-operation and co-ordination it can happen and then hopefully this will encourage the rest of the world to join in.