Solar Power Up

Recently reported in by Inhabitat, a world record was made by Germany recently by feeding 22 gigawatts of solar power per hour into the national grid over the last weekend in May.

According to The Renewable Energy Industry, the solar energy generation amounted to almost half of the nation’s electricity demands over the midday period which was equal to 20 nuclear power stations producing at full capacity. Following the Fukushima disaster, the German people were particularly concerned about the safety and sustainability of nuclear power stations and have been pushing for renewable energy sources. As a world leader in this field, Germany boasts an equivalent solar power generation capacity to that of the rest of the world combined. Considering this is not even a particularly sunny country, imagine what unharnessed power solar companies could produce around the globe.

The most viable future for renewable solar energy will inevitably follow the highly successful template laid out by CSP’s or Concentrated Solar Power structures (usually towers) such as the one in Seville, Spain, or the THEMIS tower in France. Vast collection and concentration of the nuclear power of the sun makes far more sense than “homegrown” nuclear power, unless true cold fusion is ever achieved.