Brick Biotope – Bird Boxes and Green Walls

As a landscape architect I’ve specified plenty of bird boxes to pass the BREEAM assessment for local house-builders, and am always somewhat disappointed that we resort to the same products which up until now have amounted to wooden boxes or wood-concrete nests courtesy of Schwegler at best.

At last Dutch students from Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam have come up with a fantastic alternative, Brick Biotope a series of bricks with strategic gaps that also serve as a wildlife habitat in the hope of encouraging house sparrows back to roost. There are three distinct brick designs that cater to the different needs of the sparrow community – one for water, nesting and feeding.Being completely natural as they are constructed from plaster, they also make a great base for a vertical garden as pockets of growing material can be deposited in the cracks thus giving rise to all manner of vegetation.