Plant-In City

I’ve always loved terrariums, or rather the potential of them, but was always disappointed at the scale, which seemed a real limitation, especially to landscape architects and garden designers.

However, designers, HB Collaborative, headed up by Huy Bui together with Med 44 a media architecture company, both based in NYC wanted to create a real green city by integrating light, water and plants within modular glass structures that can be stacked to create living walls – sustainable, indoor, vertical forests that hopefully in time will be sufficiently affordable for any urbanite.The carefully monitored environment is controlled via a smartphone app that the innovators intend to make open source to encourage anyone to have a go and hopefully use this system to grow food, too. A total of $25,000 has to be raised by the end of June to get this initial project off the ground for the first gallery show scheduled this summer somewhere in New York. Further information and pledges can be donated at Kickstarter.