Coral Castle – Modern Ancient Site

I seem to have been living under a rock to have missed this amazing landscape, and so, I thought I would share it with other unenlightened kindred spirits.

Coral Castle, Florida built between 1923 and 1951 by one man, Edward Leedskalnin using only hand tools as a monument to his sweet sixteen who jilted him just before their wedding day. He harvested the coral and hand carved some 1100 tons, each weighing 5 to 30 tons, apparently using the secrets of the pyramids. He would build alone, invariably at night, so one could see, although local teenagers claimed they saw him levitate the stones into place.

Ed apparently tapped into the Telluric grid which is the leyline infrastructure on which all great megaliths have been built. He moved the structure in the 1930s, apparently for reasons of privacy, but it has later been postulated that this may have actually been due to an original miscalculation on Ed’s part as he needed better realignment with the geo-grid to access the magnetic currents which facilitated the construction process.

This area of South Florida actually sits within the Bermuda Triangle so would make sense that this is particularly sensitive to geomancers like Ed to harness the anti-gravitational fields to build the American Stonehenge. Interestingly, this site in Homestead, Florida would have aligned perfectly with Magnetic North, during its construction, but as the earth tilts, the equivalent site is now a few miles away on an US Air Force base.