There are only winners at Chelsea!

QR Code Garden designed by Jade Goto and Shelley Mosco

Now that the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is well under way, I’d like to take the opportunity to give a shout out to all the designers, installers and their many helpers who can take a bit of a breather this week, in the much awaited sunshine until the breakdown on Sunday / Monday.

I was particularly impressed with the Artisan Best in Show, Ishihara Kazuyuki Design Laboratory’s Satoyama Life which is such a beautiful exposition of subtle contemplation, that to me, encapsulates a green retreat with his exquisite plant choices and mossy mounds that are echoed in the rounded stonework paths.

Of course I was disappointed for my boss/colleague/mentor, Jo Thompson who missed out on the much deserved gold medal and picked up a Silver Gilt for her beautiful Caravan Club garden which was an absolute sensual delight of colour and texture. But she was in good company alongside Diarmuid Gavin who also bagged a Silver Gilt for his Westland Magical Garden which spanned some seven storeys in a verdant pyramid.

The Fresh Gardens were a new category for this year allowing designers to flex their creative muscles which was done to great effect by the winner of that category Tomaz Bavdez for his Soft Machine Garden, inspired by William Burroughs book (and David Cronenberg’s film by the same name) which is sponsored by Humko Bled Ltd., it focuses on recycling, encouraging the public to jump on the in situ bike to pump water to the irrigation systems for the green walls.

Another plot which particularly appealed to me was the QR Code Garden designed by Jade Goto and Shelley Mosco. The Scotscape garden is a startling juxtaposition of nature and technology utilising green walls and topiary within a white coded framework  of perspex, water and stone. Good to see Shelley, my tutor from Greenwich University Landscape Architecture course sharing her talents with the real world!

And remember all of you lucky enough to have a ticket, keep your eyes and ears open in and around Chelsea for the Chelsea Fringe free exhibits.