Green Wall Facades

Whilst I am fascinated with the ongoing developments of green wall technology, they do seem to still be rather maintenance intensive. As an alternative solution I’ll be opting for a high quality green wall façade solution and specifying this wherever possible to help obscure vast expanses of nasty brickwork. They also provide a wildlife habitat, reduce energy costs by providing an insulation layer, absorb noise and improve local air quality.

With a stainless steel system like those offered by S3i,  Jakob or the lesser known and far more cost effective, Bollin Rigging you can achieve a wonderful floating curtain of foliage that will not harm the infrastructure of the building and provide far greater and more even coverage than any traditional form of trellis.

Using 316 marine grade stainless steel 4mm wire with a combination of hubs and tensioners you create a latticework drilled some 40mm into the wall with gaps of no more than 20cm for slow climbers and up 50cm for those more vigorous to provide sufficient support for a variety of species for years to come.

Suitable climbers could include Parthenocissus, Wisteria, Passiflora, Clematis and Lonicera although if in the right spot you could also introduce fruit and vegetables such as runner beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes.