Living Grass Wallpaper?

I am a big fan of living grass roofs and walls as I am sure many of you are. In the past I have spearheaded quite a few projects involving both living walls and vertical gardens, but I have to admit, even my most adventurous clients have assumed all would be planted on the exterior of the building! Which to some extent might explain my delight at reading today’s article in ‘Inhabitat Magazine’ regarding The Dilston Grove Gallery (a former church in Southwark, London – Clare College Mission Church).

Created by Acclaimed British artists Heather Ackroyd & Dan Harvey the entire interior of this former church bar the roof has been seeded with a mix of clay and grass seeds creating a stunning living wallpaper effect! See more stunning photos here.

Whilst originally established for a few weeks in 2003, maybe its time they looked for another location to implement their innovation.