So, what now you’re a Landscape Architect ?

Life after completing a landscape architecture course can be tough. You can feel cast adrift amongst endless job searches in a not so buoyant marketplace.  Do you just bite the bullet and set up your own business? Then there’s the whole P2C chapter on which to embark upon, but when should you start? Does it matter whether you are in employment or not?

It’s a minefield, and after being supported by your  fellow students and teachers, it soon becomes apparent that there are only a select few in your ordinary circle of friends and family that will actually want to talk about sustainable urban drainage and the best trees for urban environments.

That’s where your local Landscape Institute will help, as it provides the opportunity for like-minded individuals to get together and talk shop. I have also found this wonderful site, Life After Landscape Architecture School which helps to keep me up to speed with not only the latest developments, competitions and projects but also includes urban design, garden design and off the wall architecture from around the world, which is exhilarating and inspirational.