Diary of a Landscape Architect

I have to admit I am new to blogging, however I know how much it would have helped me to follow the career progression of a landscape architect whilst studying for my Masters Degree. There are some useful sites and blogs out there I’d like to share with you in the future, however I think a simple vlog (video blog) recounting aspects of both the practical application of landscape architecture in the real world, as well as the simple every day tasks involved in setting up a successful practice might be far more enlightening. Either for those on a similar career path or well those with a general interest in how landscape architecture can improve our environment and society at large.

At present I am up to my ears in various landscape architecture programs as well as my commitments as a freelance consultant to several major companies in the horticultural sector, so may I ask for your patience in respect to this blog, a personal diary of a landscape architect. If you’d like to keep updated then you can subscribe to my blog feed here.